People I Know with Projects I Believe in

I am proud and lucky to call myself friends with a number of people who are doing excellent things. This is an incomplete list that I will continue to add to.



I’m lucky to know lot of writers with excellent work.

  • Utopia, LOL? is a fun sci-fi short story and finalist for the 2017 Nebula award. It’s written by my friend Jamie Wahls.
  • Slate Star Codex is the go-to blog for weird fiction, pharmacological and psychiatric analyses of things, and interesting takes on the nature of internet discussion, written by psychiatrist Scott Alexander.
  • 10 Months of Acid is one of the most interesting essays I’ve found on the internet. A journey into the nature of being by Aella.
  • Sasha Chapin has a frank honesty that borders on absurd because it’s so damn real. All the Wrong Moves: A Memoir About Chess, Love, and Ruining Everything makes, of all things, the addiction to chess a meaningful drama.
  • Crystal Society is Book 1 of a completed sci-fi trilogy by my friend Max Harms. This is the most realistic and interesting depiction of AI I’ve ever seen, as written by a true Transhumanist.
  • A Song For Two Voices is the extended rational fanfiction of Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series. Miranda writes an exceptional amount of poignant fantasy, and is working on the last book right now. This is a rich fantasy worlds to imbibe in order to motivate yourself to do incredibly difficult tasks.